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Brady and Bree Morris




2 December 2015

To all prospective Dream Doors Franchisee’s.

They say time flies when you are having fun! It’s now 18 months of successful trading for Bree and I with our Dream Doors franchise. The last 18 months have been action packed with great growth in sales, and profit margin, growth in our market position and growth in our experience.

To date we have taken over $1,250,000 in revenue with a very healthy profit margin. Our margin percentage is above budget and expectation, which we are thrilled about. After 12 months of trading Bree and I made the decision to purchase a second franchise area. This was a big step for us but one we knew would benefit us in the years to come.

We started our franchise area with a modest showroom, which we have since doubled in size and for which we are very proud of. The main road frontage has driven awareness of our brand and delivers us a considerable percentage of our revenue each month. Four months ago we made the decision for Bree to leave the comfort of her full time job and join our business 4 days per week. This has been a big step for us and one that we know will pay dividends for the business. The last 18 months have been very rewarding for me and the decision to join Dream Doors was the right decision. Its hard work! But very rewarding, both financially and personally.

If you are considering a Dream Doors franchise and would like to talk with me about my experiences I would be happy to share my experiences with you.


Brady and Bree Morris



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Franchise Testimonials – Dream Doors Wellington

wellington-owners-300x199Background: We are a married couple originating from the UK and we came to New Zealand in July 2012 under a long term business visa as the franchisees for Dream Doors Wellington. We have previously had our own successful companies in the UK. Hazel ran her own consultancy as a business analyst. John had his own property maintenance company for 10 years installing kitchens & bathrooms across the UK, before being employed as an Operations Manager and a Business Development Manager for the UK division of an International Medical Services provider.

Discovering & determining the franchise opportunity: We had been backwards and forwards to New Zealand for 6 years and spent some time looking at a number of opportunities before discovering the Dream Doors franchise. After discussions with Derek Lilly (Del) we decided to visit New Zealand and spent 6 weeks carrying out a due diligence on the opportunity. This involved understanding the Business Model, the franchise opportunity, engaging a franchise lawyer, and putting together a proposal of how we would develop our business in the Wellington territory before meeting with Del. We also met with, or telephoned the other franchisees / agents currently working in the business to get their personal opinions.

Derek Lilly – Master Franchisor: What can we say about Del? A great bloke! (‘O’ is for awesome!). We love this guy. Del is Dream Doors. His passion shines through in everything he says and does. Del supports and encourages his franchisees totally. Del gives 100% and understandably expects nothing less from his franchisees. The great thing is that he gives you total freedom to run your business, within the framework of the franchise, and he totally encourages input from his franchisees to enhance and improve the business as a whole. Del’s approach is totally unlike the ‘Corporate Straight Jacket’ of many other National and international franchise brands.

Our recommendations: · The learning curve is vertical – You will have personal expectations before you start, but be prepared. You will make mistakes and those mistakes may cost you. · Product and Supplier knowledge – These are absolutely key to getting your business off the ground. Make sure you give this sufficient time to investigate everything involved when you start your Franchise. · Knowledge of kitchens and how these are installed & everything involved – if you do not have this knowledge already, make sure you obtain this knowledge during training your fitter will also be a great help. You will be problem solving from the first installation. · You must have sufficient funds to invest in your business, beyond the initial franchise fee – a high quality sign written van has been fantastic for us and an amazing marketing tool. A showroom to showcase the products is again an amazing and tangible marketing tool. Customers can see, touch and experience the product. A showroom will give an incredible boost to turnover from the initial mobile operation.  Taking too much out too soon may affect your business before it gets off the ground, reflect this in your marketing/business plan. · If you are in a relationship – You must both be 100% committed to the opportunity, even if you are not both working in the business. We both work 100% in the business every day.

Summary:  · We re-invested the initial early profits made and with some additional support from Suppliers, opened a showroom at 282 High Street, Lower Hutt near Wellington. This was all achieved from our cash flow without further dipping into our personal funds. · The response and feedback to the showroom has been brilliant and we are fully booked with customer appointments. We are continually amazed to the response to this business model via the public. Customers love the concept, the product and the service we can give them. We have the flexibility and freedom to ensure that we can provide a solution for our customers, Del allows for this in the Franchise Agreement.

From year one, we have exceeded all of our financial targets and the turnover for year three is just under $1m.  Our gross profit has increased year on year, and we currently trade at 39% GP.   We expect this to increase again in the next fiscal year. Over 60% of our business comes from referrals, and as we enter November 2015, we are fully booked every working day until the first week in January 2016.

In February 2016 we sold our very successful franchise and moved to Wanaka to take up the Central Otago franchise and to work with the senior management team of Dream Doors International Ltd.

We feel very confident about our Dream Doors future and there is no doubting that this Franchise system works and now its proven on two continents and three countries. Will it work for you? We don’t know there are never any guarantees with any business venture, but if you follow Del’s advice and have faith in his proven system you could like us be onto a winner!

Good Luck

John and Hazel Harris john@dreamdoors.co.nz and hazel@dreamdoors.co.nz


Franchise Testimonials – Dream Doors Christchurch

dd-christchurch-lowDear Derek It is now 3 ½ years since I purchased the Christchurch (May 2012) franchise for Dream Doors and thought it would be a good time to update and share with you and others how this has gone. Thinking back, pretty much everything from the first time I saw your TV advert for franchisees, things have gone unbelievably smoothly. As a first time business owner and brand new to the kitchen industry, a franchise was ideal for me. It meant that I was buying into an established system and brand and could focus all my energy into growing the business rather than trying to establish systems and processes or trying to create a brand from nothing. During my due diligence, I found you very approachable and honest and informative and never applied any pressure. You obviously had a very thorough understanding of the industry and the process of getting the franchise up and running as pretty much every aspect of the process has happened just the way you said it would. The training you provided as part of the franchise arrangement was excellent and at just the right pace so as not to overwhelm us. The business plan that I developed for the franchise based on your information provided and in talking to your other franchisees has turned out to be remarkably accurate and I have been tracking very well against it. I have certainly recovered my initial franchise fee investment very quickly and am continuing to reinvest in this very profitable business. I thank you for the opportunity and believing that I could do it by awarding us the Franchise.

2015 has also been a great year for the business, with revenues of over $1.5 million dollars and a healthy profit. I look forward to many successful years ahead working with you.

Kind regards

Adrian Kay adrian@dreamdoors.co.nz

STOP PRESS 24/1/14: Adrian Kay is NZ’s first Dream Doors $Million sales franchise with 2013 sales figures of $1,160,296 and Dream Doors Franchisees of the year for 2013 and 2014


Franchise Testimonials – Dream Doors Coromandel

My name is Dave Dell and I run the Dream Doors Franchise for the Coromandel area of New Zealand. I started my Franchise in August 2011 after buying the business off an existing Franchisee who incidentally was also another qualified builder. I ran the Dream Doors Franchise alongside my normal day-to-day building business at the start but it became very apparent from the start that the level of time required to run both businesses was going to be tough.

I picked up a multitude of building work because of my Dream Doors business leads mainly due to the fact that the Franchisor lets us do virtually any renovation work through the Dream Doors Franchise. This is not very common in Franchising as you normally have to follow a set rigid structure, this is one of the many things that attracted me to the Dream Doors Franchise in the first place FLEXIBILITY! Very quickly I proved my installation skills to the Franchisor and other local Dream Doors Franchisees, so I found myself with a massive amount of install work to do which in its own right kept me extremely busy and this in itself covered all my costs and showed me a profit without including any of my Franchise sales revenues, they were a bonus.

So right here and now I would not class myself as a standard business model Dream Doors Franchisee, but all the same I am still very happy with the business and where it has taken me. I have recruited 3 additional staff to help me with my work load and I am even manufacturing and installing some of the company made products now. This is an added bonus as this was never envisaged in my original business plan so again I have been able to develop more revenue than I first thought was possible. With taking more staff on I am also now selling more “normal kitchen sales” and in the last few months I have had two consecutive best ever sales months. Everybody who becomes involved with Dream Doors will automatically become friends with Derek Lilly as he is a born entrepreneur and has a great sense of humour but more importantly delivers everything that he says he will! Feel free to contact me if you need more info.


David Dell Dream Doors Coromandel davedell@dreamdoors.co.nz

Franchise Testimonials – Dream Doors Auckland

To whom it may concern:

My name is Brett Campbell and I have been a Dream Doors franchisee now for over two years now. For the 12 months of trading in 2015 my franchise sold over NZD $1.5 million at a Gross Profit margin average of around 44%. There is a reason for this. This is a tried and tested business with a 15 year proven history. After the first years massive success I have gone on to purchase a total of 5 Franchise territories in the Auckland area of New Zealand. My full-time Dream Team has now grown to 5 staff with many other sub-contractors who also I engage when needed.

I have been in the used car business for the past 25 years so I have a wealth of experience dealing with the public in a sales generated environment. This has been extremely helpful for me as it is essential to have an ability to communicate at any level with a prospective client, this has put me in good stead for the Dream Doors business because it does involve me going to peoples homes and promoting the benefits of our Dream Doors products over our direct competitors. If you are seriously looking at a lifestyle change and buying your own business where you are your own boss and at the same time earn a great income…. this would be a very hard business to turn down. I am enjoying the benefits of a healthy profit margin that gives me a better quality of life, that both myself and family enjoy very much.

I have to tell you this though, if you are trying to work out whether you should become a Dream Doors Franchisee, it is hard work and at the beginning and it can be long hours sometimes, but the real clincher is that you pay a fixed Franchise Fee every month, so no matter how much you sell, you pay the same fee every month, you are not penalised for being successful, your hard work stays in your bank and you get to spend it how you like. I love that deal!!! I love this business, it would take someone with very deep pockets to pry me out of this business. I love calling on my clients and get a great thrill out of seeing the looks on their faces, once they see their new kitchen facelift for the first time.

This is truly a great opportunity for someone to make a lot of money as well as enjoying a great company with a ton of support and on going training. The management team at Dream Doors are extremely professional and are always on hand no help if you need it, also don’t be scared off if you haven’t been in sales before as you are given full training and support and every franchisee will always give you a few pointers. My last bit of advice is this, listen to the management team they know their stuff!!!! So if you need anymore information please call me on tel  +6421998054

Good luck

Brett Campbell brett@dreamdoors.co.nz


Franchise Testimonials – Dream Doors Sydney

My name is Scott Morrison, I have owned a Dream Doors franchise for just over 12 months now and to be brutally honest I wish I had found this business five years ago. When I initially made the decision and investment in the business it was one of the biggest financial decision I have made however I had confidence in the core business and also the track record of the company.

Over the past 12 months I have managed to turn over a little over one million dollars at a gross profit margin of 43%, which is a result I am ecstatic about. I put this down to a few things, the first being I have bought into a proven business system with a gap in the market for this type of kitchen renovation work, secondly I have received assistance from the Dream Doors team both in Australia and from head office in regards to the selling process, systems support and contact with some excellent manufacturers and suppliers and thirdly an ability to sell, which has been supported by some sales trading and marketing advice from the dream team.

I currently employ a full time Builder and another on a contract basis as well as a labourer on site when required. My results over the first year have more than doubled the predictions I had made with my initial business plan. I am now planning for the second year of trading, which will involve employing a Project Manager to allow me to concentrate more of my time on sales and increasing revenue.

I have been fortunate to have been able to work with a fellow franchisee in Sydney allowing us to share some marketing costs and also share a showroom, which allows our customers an opportunity to come in and see and touch the products we install in their homes, which I have no doubt has assisted me in turning prospective customers into clients.

There has been some long hours and hard work put in over the last 12 months to achieve the sales figures I have achieved. As a business owner you live and breathe the business, especially over the first six months when everything is new and although I have learnt a lot during this period of time I have a lot more to learn.

The Dream Doors team are always available for a chat on the phone to ask advice and guidance from. I am also lucky enough to live in Sydney where the Dream Doors Australian Head office is located which also gives me more access to advice and assistance when required.

My advice to anyone considering purchasing a dream doors franchise is if you work hard and dedicate yourself to the business and follow the Dream Doors systems you will be successful. You also need to be a good communicator who can relate to people and most importantly deliver on the promises you make. I am looking forward to my second year in business, growing what I have established and growing the Dream Doors brand throughout Sydney, Australia, which in this short time is gaining an excellent reputation for great value, quality, kitchen renovation work.


Scott Morrison


Mobile +61414430321

Email scott@dreamdoors.com.au